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Food is a form
The story of a group of diverse individuals from different backgrounds.
Kytai Gorod is a bistro that offers Asian cuisine in the heart of Yakutsk. The restaurant combines modern Pan-Asian dishes with a cocktail bar to create a unique dining experience. We are dedicated to promoting the culture of gastronomic leisure in the city, as food is an essential part of communication. The bistro serves as a hub for this activity, offering a welcoming atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

We were opened in December 2019 and this year will be celebrating our fifth anniversary.

To provide high-quality and interesting entertainment in the city, we hold various events and parties.

Our bistro has a 15-person room, called KG, which is perfect for business meetings, corporate parties, bachelor parties, family dinners and dates.

From 12pm 00 to 16.00, we offer a business lunch.
About us
A perfect place for a gastronomic vacation in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.